Steam had six million concurrent users over the weekend


Six million people – a little more than the entire population of Denmark – were logged into Steam at the same time over the weekend.

Many of them will, like me, have been buying Dragon Age: Origins for the price of a hamster. Some will have been chatting absent-mindedly to friends as they gnawed on a Thanksgiven turkey bone.

Others still, perhaps, were playing video games – though as Kotaku point out, no one game is responsible for the dramatic peak. While Dota 2 and TF2 consistently lead the list of top games by current player count, both hover somewhere beneath the 100,000 barrier on an average day.

It’s been less than a year since Valve reported five million concurrent users on their service, a fact from which we can glean two things. Firstly, that Steam’s stature only continues to rise and rise in this brave newish decade for PC gaming. And secondly, that nothing is better for the games industry than a North American holiday.

Here’s our guide to surviving the Steam Autumn Sale day 4. Were you online this weekend?