Steam Halloween sale sees prices slashed to ribbons

Steam Halloween sale

Valve would have been poor neighbours to have at Halloween. They’d have got into the spirit of things, decorating their front garden and throwing on a great costume but when you ring on the door and ask for sweets they’d have looked for a little donation to the sweet fund first.

Luckily, as Valve are a distributor of video games by trade we expect them to sell wares, not break cultural traditions. And sell wares is what they’re doing in their Halloween sale. Very cheaply, too.

They’ve put more than 120 games on sale, most with more than 40% off, and there are some great games on offer.

Cthulhu Saves the World is just 69p. Natural Selection 2 is sale for less than a fiver. There are even recent releases, like The Swapper, on sale for cheap.

Most surprisingly is that Zombie Driver HD is apparently 125% off. However, click through to the game and it doesn’t actually try and pay you to pick up the game, it looks like there may have been a typo.

It’s futile to try and cover all the good games on the list (ooh, you can get the Legacy of Kain collection for £3.75), just go and have a look through for yourself.