The Steam Indie Spring Sale: ten games you should probably own


Batter down your bank account because Steam is having an “Indie Spring Sale” between March 21st through to March 29th. There’s certainly a great deal of games to be had here, at some ridiculously low prices too. 

But I’m sure you know the drill already don’t you. Here’s ten games that deserve you and your hard cash’s attention.

Binding of Isaac – £0.99

This is my go-to game when it comes down to needing a few minutes to kill. The levels are randomised, the controls are simple and the enemies and bosses are ruthlessly challenging. This is also my go-to game when I’m playing something else with a long downtime period, e.g. in between turns on Shogun 2, traveling in EVE Online.

Legend of Grimrock – £5.99

Dungeon crawling at it’s finest, Legend of Grimrock gives this tried and tested RPG formula a much needed, much appreciated facelift. With dozens of puzzles and scores of deadly foes, it will keep you entertained for quite some time. Add on the Steam Workshop support and you open up a world of possibilities.

Castle Crashers – £5.99

It began life as a simple flash game and it’s a sure thing when it comes to co-op fun. Castle Crashers has ridiculous enemies and a fine sense of humour, but try and make sure your friends pick up a copy so that you can make the most of it.

Garry’s Mod – £1.49

I implore anyone who has a PC to try modding at least once. It doesn’t matter what game it’s for or if it’s a failure or a success, but you will have a much clear insight into the inner workings of every game out there, even with just a sliver of knowledge. Garry’s Mod provides not only the tools to let you try this, but is also bolstered by its huge cult following, making it even easier to learn.

Hotline Miami – £3.49

Don a horse mask and go on a killing frenzy through various clubs to save the “girl”. Satisfying, brutal combat with a very sexy art style to boot.

FTL: Faster Than Light – £3.49

Everyone loves FTL. A roguelike spaceship management game that’s easy to learn but still boasts great depth and possibility. I would highly recommend watching a trailer or some gameplay footage on YouTube just so you can fall in love with the soundtrack too. The community has already created some mods that can make your games last, quite literally, forever.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent – £3.24

This is the only game to ever rival the feeling of fear I experienced while playing the “Cradle” level in Thief: Deadly Shadows. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a horrifically beautiful game, taking away your ability to fight the ghastly fiends it sends after you, making you almost powerless. Play this so you’re ready for round two when the sequel Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs comes out this summer.

LIMBO – £2.79

A dark but majestic platformer which tells the tale of a little boy trying to find his sister. The world doesn’t waste time in becoming your foe, offering a host of traps and creatures that are determined to stop you on your childish, innocent quest. Take note of every little detail in this game, as it tells a very moving story that might require more than one playthrough to fully appreciate.

Audiosurf – £1.49

Turn your favourite music into video game goodness! You haven’t really discovered the true potential of that song until you’ve gone a few rounds in Audiosurf. Pro tip: the faster the song’s tempo, the harder it is.

Super Hexagon – £0.67

The only game on the list that I’ve still yet to play. How do I know it’s good? Well our very own Julian Benson has currently clocked up 55 hours playing the damn thing. That’s more hours than what I put into my first Skyrim playthrough. Go figure.