Steam Linux Beta imminent


If you snoop around the Steam Content Description Record Database for long enough, you find some odd things. Broken bits of unreleased games, swooped into corners by tired janitors. Shiny new packages containing indescribable new wonders, still full of foam peanuts and packing tape. And, if you’re very lucky, the first wiffs of what’s coming to Steam. Today, that’s the Steam Linux Beta.

Slipped into the service late last night, the entry for the beta is sparse, to say the least. But it shows that it’s there, and the past has proven that once it’s up on the CDR, it’s only a small matter of time before it arrives on the platform.
Gabe Newell is really pushing Linux as a platform for Steam, and they’ve even got Left 4 Dead running better on the Linux platform than they’ve managed on Windows. There’s also all sorts of talk about Steam trying to break away from Windows after 8 looks to be such a disaster for the user, so promoting the Linux agenda would be a logical step.
It’s just a question of whether everyone else will be just as on board. Is there any sort of proper gaming scene on the Linux? Or is it just a bunch of guys crowded around a screen where a guy managed to make Pacman run on the system?
Who can say. Oh yeah, you guys.