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Steam Music Player launches today. Valve offering free game soundtracks

Steam Music Player

The latest Steam client update is as melodious as they come, as Valve are finally releasing their Steam Music Player from its months-long beta phase.

The in-client player lets you listen to music as you play games, either by dragging your MP3 collection into its library or by downloading soundtracks from the Steam store.

To lure you into trying the thing out, Valve are offering a few of their own original soundtracks to anybody who’s purchased the games they belong to. Right now, the Portal and Half-Life soundtracks are all available to download and listen to.

Plenty of other developers have made their own soundtracks available as DLC too, so chances are if you’ve picked up any special editions recently that you might already have a burgeoning music collection waiting to be queued up.

A tiny MP3 player built into Steam means one less application to run and some added value to Collector’s Editions that include OSTs. Time will tell if that’s at all a useful addition to Valve’s do-everything platform.