Steam sale 17th July: the best games, the best deals


Spiders! Exploding cars! Very carefully managed railways! They could all be yours in today’s Steam Daily Deals. We’ve got the best deals just beneath this oh-so pretty read more symbol. But before you throw down the cash, don’t forget to read our Steam Sale Survival guide, or that yesterday’s deals are still live. 

Today’s best deal isGrand Theft Auto collection (-75% £4.99)

PC: It’s GTA IV, for a fiver. The most incredibly realised city ever built in games, and modded up the whazoo to look almost photorealistic. Surely that’s worth a pop if you haven’t already played it. Yes you, Jeffrey. You’re the only person left who hasn’t.

TE: Umm. According to Steam, this isn’t for GTA IV. It’s for all the GTA games, including Vice City and GTA IV: Episodes. Which is quite the bargain.

PC: GTA IV Episodes are incredible. Worth £5 each, let alone bundled with the rest.

TE: Yeah. Oh my.

SH: Keep in mind that everything pre-GTA IV has aged badly. The car handling now feels weird and alien. For a fiver though, you can’t complain. You literally cannot.

Limbo (-75% £1.74)

PC: I’ve never winced so much. It’s got some of the best animation in platformers, making you feel each juvenile’s death as the kid falls on spikes, gets skewered by giant spiders, falls to his death, drowns. It’s also one of the most atmospheric games ever made. The only people who shouldn’t buy this are arachnophobes. Even if you are an arachnophobe, consider it immersion therapy.

TE: A dead good 2D black and white platformer, famed for including a giant sodding spider. Buy it, save it for a long night alone, wrap up warp and play it one sitting. £1.74! For Limbo! PC gaming is ridiculous.

Wargame: European Escalation (-50% £14.99)

PC: From the makers of the painfully overlooked RUSE, Wargame: European Escalation was painfully overlooked. More painfully. Probably because of the terrible title. If you like zooming, Wargame lets you do all the zooming, with hundreds of square kilometres for each map, all playing out in realtime. It’s also good for people who like real time strategy games set in hypothetical Cold War-Gone-Hot scenarios. Or just RTS fans.

Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 (-90% £2.49)

PC: The tip of the iceberg. There are so many DLCs for this game, and they come so often, that unless you’re the richest man on world, or the biggest train fan on the planet, you may want to give this a miss. Although if you’ve got a strong will, £2.49 is within curiosity’s reach.

TE: I was once asked to do an interview with BBC South Today talking about the success story that is Railworks. True story. But I got replaced with some stock footage of virtual trains. Now I think we should scrap the license fee.

SH: Is this better or worse than Trainz Simulator 12?

TE: I wish they’d used that video on BBC South Today.

Spec Ops: The Line (-33% £20.09)

PC: I’ve only played a few hours, but there’s some genuinely difficult moral choices in there, a solid third person shooter and some actually surprisingly good writing. Also it’s another Heart of Darkness-em-up in the style of Far Cry 2, only with less psychopathic checkpoint guards.

TE: I quite fancy playing this.

Company of Heroes (-75% £1.74)

PC: Not quite as good as Men of War, but then I’m pretty much the only person in the world to think so. You’re not me, so you’ll probably love Company of Heroes for its excellent WW2 Strategising.

TE: You are the only person to think so. This is the best strategy game that isn’t called Starcraft II and I adore it. I’d happily pay £1.74 to play the Carentan level, frankly. Genuinely brilliant, and an astonishing price for one of my favouritest games ever ever.

SH: One of the few strategy games to really grab me, and it’s about WW2 no less. God only knows how much you’d enjoy it if you actually tolerate both of those genres.

Call of Duty: Black Ops (-50% £19.99)

TE: Hey: Black Ops single player is parp – but I was surprised by how occasionally pretty it looks on a high end PC. They’ve worked pretty hard on the faces on the main characters. I quite enjoy multiplayer, although, I’ve found that you’re less likely to be casually annihilated by a wall-hacking twat in Modern Warfare 3. Let’s all put a lunchtime aside to get into CoD zombies though. Cod Zombies is fun times.

Stronghold 3: Gold (-66% £8.49)

PC: Do you like castles? Stronghold 3 is about castles.

TE: I like Mike the Knight. But not Stronghold 3.

Indie Bundle VI

PC: Do you dream of falling? There’s no sudden stop in AaaaaaAAAaaa…., which is good. DEFCON is for all that adorable meglomaniac omnicidist inside all of us for its nuclear goodness, SpaceChem is the smartest game you’ll ever play (smarter than you), Ticket to Ride is a great board game and a great translation of a boardgame, and Trauma is… interesting.

TE: DEFCON is a brilliant game for a LAN party. Start an eight hour real time game as you arrive. Then alt-tab and play other stuff. At the end of the night, the losers have to carry the winner’s PC back to the car.

SH: DEFCON’s also one of the last games to ever have a “boss key” that would quickly alt-tab to an Excel spreadsheet whenever the CEO walked past your desk. These days we just alt-tab. Actually, what was the point of boss keys again?

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