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Steam Summer Sale Day 7: this is just how we live now

Steam Summer Sale 2014 day 7

It’s the seventh day of the Steam Summer Sale, and we’re still here. Obviously some of you are only here because you’re in an internet cafe, since you sold your house. They’re only games, guys. You should have just remortgaged it. 

Anyway, enough faffing around. Today’s going to be a toughy, because there’s not a lot in the deals that you shouldn’t get at those prices. 

Daily Deals:

The Banner Saga is a piece of art. It’s painfully gorgeous, always accompanied by Austin Wintory’s powerful soundtrack, and I could watch it and listen to it all day long. It helps that it’s also a cracking game of tense, chess-like tactical battles and desperate decision making. I called it a “compelling tapestry of epic conflicts with emotionally engaging characters” in my review, and I know my compelling tapestries. It’s £9.49/$12.49.

BioShock Infinite was instantly hailed as phenomenal and, only a week later had started to become a popular target for derision. I’m not sure what the consensus is any more, but I think it’s great. It’s more tightly scripted and less experimental than the original BioShock, but contains some exceptional level design, sharply written characters and a bounty of strange powers that can be yours to wield. The shooting could have done with a touch up, though. But for £4.99/$7.49, it’s well worth it. All the DLC is 50 percent off, too.

I wasn’t particularly gripped by Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, but then I’ve not been gripped by Final Fantasy since IX. Our Nick thought it was great, though, calling a “redemption” that fixed the old issues and exceeded Square Enix’s goals. It’s probably a must if you’re still a Final Fantasy nut and need your MMO fix. For £9.99/$14.99 (that comes with a month subscription) it’s a good time to dive in.

Flash Sales:

Infested Planet is cathartic. Squashing bugs is fun because bugs are like little tiny demons. Awful things. And that’s what you’ll be doing a lot off in this top-down squad-based RTS. 5 soldiers against an incalculable number of alien nasties – not great odds, but a great time. It’s a solid strategy game elevated by things like alien mutations, where they can become immune or at least resistant to different weapons fire, forcing you to change your tactics and find a new approach. Squash some bugs for £5.49/$7.49

Community’s Choice:

Last year’s Tomb Raider reboot is Lara Croft at her very best. It’s a struggle for survival against absurd odds that merges her traditional tomb hunting antics with climbing (and falling) that owes a bit to Uncharted. But it’s still very much Tomb Raider. And Lara’s island prison is a joy to explore: large and intimidating it hides countless secrets and gorgeous vistas just to gawk at. It’s cheap as slightly expensive chips at £3.74/$4.99.

Is anything making you dip your hand into your wallet?