Summer Sale has come to Steam… in videogame form

Summer Sale

Summer Sale has arrived on Steam, and that doesn’t mean what you’re probably thinking. Nope, you can’t buy hundreds of games at slashed prices. No, there are no jaw-dropping discounts. Negative, your wallet is not in danger. I repeat, your wallet is not in danger. 

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That’s because Summer Sale is a game, one that you can now buy for £0.79/$1. It’s a simulation of the Steam Summer Sale, where you can earn money, buy ‘games’, add them to your library, and play them.

Games on sale in the Summer Sale include the likes of “Left 2 Turn”, “Potty Train Simulator”, and “How to Die”. They’re genuinely games you can ‘play’, although you’re probably not going to rack up 100 hours in “Micro Bus SImulator”.

Further capturing the experience of using Steam, you’ll even be able to access the in-game browser where you can play free games as well as download more RAM for your PC. What do you mean, that’s not how it works?

The game’s currently racking up the positive reviews on Steam, where it’s getting glowing critiques such as “10/10 for Realism!”.

So if you really just can’t wait for the real Steam Summer Sale, or you’d rather enjoy the cathartic feeling of buying and piling up games you’ll never play without spending actual money, then Summer Sale is for you. Just head to Steam to download Steam.