Steam Summer Sale starts, erm, “some time this summer” reveals Valve staffer


Where’s the Steam Summer Sale? Where is it? Who was the last person to see it? Have you checked absolutely everywhere? Look, if we all share our clues and work together we’ll get to the bottom of this. Here’s a Steam Summer Sale clue. It’s a good example of what clues look like. VG247 spotted it: “We are planning a sale sometime this summer. Hope that helps!” posts Valve’s Mike Blaszszak on the Steam forums, as if we don’t know that already, as if we aren’t all waiting. It is, at least, confirmation that this year’s Steam Summer Sale hasn’t merely been a figment of our collective imaginations, and that it’s definitely coming soon. If another Valve staffer breathes, or raises a finger in a way that might suggest they’re about to tap out an announcement, we’ll be first to let you know.

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