Steam update adds artists’ corner to the Community hub


A recent update to the Steam client has provided budding artists (and seasoned artists) a place to show off their game-related wares. Each Steam game’s Community hub now features an artwork tab where anyone is free to upload pictures and videos of their related works, these are then free to be upvoted by that game’s community. It’s like having a potentially hundred thousand-strong committee running the placement of exhibit pieces at a virtual gallery.

Valve are making us all art critics and to get started they’ve submitted some of their own work for critique.

Yup, Valve’s own concept artists have been given a free reign to put up works inspired by the company’s own properties, there are pieces for Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Dota 2.

As good as Valve’s work is, I think the best piece I’ve seen so far is Uncle Grumpskin’s True Love:

It’s great that Valve have added this section to their community hub, we’re continually finding passionate fans producing great artwork inspired by their games of interest.

You can read about the cosmetic changes the update is bringing to the client in Valve’s announcement blog post.