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Warner Bros delisting four more Steam indies, as one dev fights back

Adult Swim says that four more of its Steam indie games are being delisted, as one developer is now trying to get the IP rights back.

Steam Adult Swim Games delistings: a red ninja swinging a sword

Multiple Adult Swim-published games are being imminently delisted from Steam, as the Warner Bros. Discovery subsidiary follows through on a spate of removals influenced by “business changes” at the company. Adult Swim shares a boilerplate statement for each of the games claiming the developers are unable to take over as publisher, despite one saying it reached out over the delisting multiple times.

Adult Swim threatened to delist many of its indie games earlier this year, with some developers managing to wrangle the rights back and publish their games themselves. Now, Adult Swim announces that four indies are being delisted soon, as some of the developers scramble to keep them alive. The games in question are Super House of Dead Ninjas, Mega Coin Squad, Zenzizenzic, and Traverser.

Every game Adult Swim is delisting on Steam has been updated with the following message: “Adult Swim is no longer able to continue as publisher for this game and the developer is not available to take over as publisher at this time.” The delisting takes place on Monday July 15.

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Super House of Dead Ninjas studio Megadev is now active under the name Bitmap Bureau, and the developer says it is “more than willing to keep Super House Of Dead Ninjas alive” after it sold the IP to Adult Swim, and is “happy to buy it back if that’s an option.”

The team says it “did reach out [to Adult Swim] a couple of times but didn’t receive a reply,” adding that it “did however hear about another potential lead but we’ve just been too busy to follow it up – guess we’d better get a move on!”

Steam Adult Swim Games delisting: a developer talking about getting their game back on Twitter

Mega Coin Squad developer Big Pixel Studios was shut down by Adult Swim Games in 2020. Traverser developer Gatling Goat Studios was shut down independently in 2018. It’s currently unclear what developer Ruud Koorevaar will do about Zenzizenzic. All four games are 80% off until Thursday July 11 in the Steam summer sale, if you fancy giving them a try.

Talk of Adult Swim Games delistings started with Small Radio Big Televisions developer Owen Deery, who says Warner Bros. Discovery cited “business changes” as the reason for the delisting. Many other indie developers whose games are published by Adult Swim shared similar stories, and while many like Duck Game have managed to stay on Steam, others haven’t been so lucky.

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