Forget refunds, Steam game trials are finally here

Steam game trials are here, as Valve seems to be combatting refunds by offering up big games free for a limited time windows, with Dead Space remake up first.

Forget refunds, Steam game trials are finally here

Steam game trials are now available, as Valve looks to be working with publishers to counteract refunds. The first game on the chopping block is this year’s remake of Dead Space, with the horror game likely being the first of many Steam games to be a part of the scheme.

While this Steam game trial system will undoubtedly be rolled out for a set few games, I think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea. On top of all the great Steam sales, this system could let us all try out those games we’ve had a burning desire for with no risks attached.

I know that the Steam refund policy lets you play a game for two hours before returning it, but if Steam game trials become more widespread this is a much cleaner, more consumer-friendly way of letting you try games. Plus not everyone can constantly spend $60 or more and wait for refunds – there are a lot of games out there.

So if you’re interested in trying Dead Space for free, here’s how it all works. You’ve got a 90-minute free trial of the EA horror reboot, and all you need to do is click the ‘play now’ button on the game’s Steam page, install it, and you’re off.

It looks like any and all of these trials can only be running for a limited time though, as Dead Space is only free until May 29. Still, if you try the game and end up liking it, Dead Space is 20% off right now at $47.99 / £39.99.

We don’t know what other games will be a part of the Steam game trial program yet, but if EA has gotten involved I can hazard a guess that more of their own games, like Battlefield, Mass Effect, and more may come to the program. It’s also worth noting that Dead Space has already been out for a few months, so these trials may focus on games that have already been released, as opposed to upcoming or new releases.

Exactly how this will all shake out remains to be seen, but at least Titanfall 2 is dirt cheap again as well, giving you the perfect excuse to replay (or try for the first time) one of the best FPS games in recent memory.

If you do end up jumping into Dead Space for the first time we’ve got you covered with the best Dead Space Remake settings, alongside all the Dead Space schematic locations as well.