Finding your next favourite Steam game just got much easier

Steam games search has greatly improved, as Valve introduces some excellent quality-of-life fixes that make finding your next favourite game easier than ever.

Finding your next favourite Steam game just got much easier

Steam games search just got a whole lot better, as Valve has made some small but wonderful changes so you can find new and upcoming games with more ease. From the next Steam sale to a specific developer, you should now have a better time with that search bar, and you don’t even need to change your own Steam habits.

Steam search has changed slightly, meaning you can find the best that the platform has to offer and your next favorite indie gem much easier going forwards. Basically, you can now search for developers, publishers, game series, tags, and categories in the search bar. So if you want to see every Call of Duty game while they’re on sale, you don’t need to wade through the DLC and other game-infested search results.

You can search for these genre tags directly, but some game searches will also throw up their related genre as well, so you can then directly browse deals, new releases, and trending games in a genre for a specific game you started searching for.

Steam games search changes from Valve

There are a handful of improvements here, but Steam will now better handle typing mistakes, showing the genre, developer, and game series when you look for them in the search bar.

Here’s all that you can expect.

  • Better handling of typos
  • Genres appear in the search bar
  • Developers and publishers appear in the search bar
  • Game series can appear in the search bar

Finding your next favourite Steam game just got much easier

The most unassuming but important improvement here is typos, as we all make mistakes when typing faster than our brains can handle so Steam game searches being more lenient is an essential improvement. Maybe I won’t have to worry about exactly how I spell Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters going forward; thank you Valve.

In the grand scheme of things, this is all really quite small, but when a storefront like Steam is flooded with hundreds of new games every day, any and all changes that improve search functionality should be welcomed with open arms.

If you use the Steam mobile app, you’ll also be very happy to hear that these changes also apply there as well. “We noticed more players searching for particular store hubs, tags, or developers, so we’ve updated Steam to handle those destinations,” Valve says of the Steam games search additions.

While searching Valve’s platform itself has improved, we’ve also got a breakdown of the biggest free Steam games you can play right now, alongside the best PC games full stop, with many appearing on Steam as well.