Steam Halloween sale has begun, will last until Friday

Horror games are discounted for the next five days

The Steam Halloween sale for 2019 has started. Just as it was leaked, the sale began today and will run until this Friday, November 1, bringing all sorts of discounts on various horror and horror-adjacent Halloween games.

Given that we’re so close to the autumn and winter sales, which are site-wide and tend to have some massive deals, there isn’t anything too drastic on offer here. However, anyone into the genre, or just curious, and looking for something fresh to sink their teeth into will surely find some worthwhile purchases amid the lists of reductions.

Some definite highlights are: the remake of survival horror classic, and  one of the top entries in our best horror games listResident Evil 2, down 50%, vampiric period RPG Vampyr, down 66%, open-world crafting and survival game The Forest, down 40%, underwater action-adventure Depth, down 75%, and tense psychological thriller Outlast, down 75%. A few older titles, like Amnesia: the Dark Descent, Alan Wake, Limbo, and Left 4 Dead 2 have had their prices slashed right down, so if you haven’t already tried them, now’s a good time.

Not only are there reductions, but several games are running Halloween events too, meaning that if you pick them up now you can have some costumed fun to start off your playing. These include The Blackout Club, which is currently at 20% off, Hunt: Showdown, which is sitting at 30% below standard price, and Dying Light, who’s got a lovely 66% discount.

There are sections for Halloween events in non-horror games, if you want to get into the spirit without all the blood and guts, VR games, if you have a headset handy, and free-to-play titles, if you’re currently broke. New and upcoming games get spotlighted down the bottom, if you think you have everything of interest and want to see what’s coming out.

If nothing else, you can have fun moving around the interactive graphic at the top of the Halloween storefront. The Steam Halloween sale is on from now until Friday.