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You can fill your Steam library with animated icons now

Users have discovered that the new library beta lets you customise game tiles with animated artwork

You probably don’t spend a lot of time gazing at your Steam library (except maybe when you’re waiting for a particularly giant game to download) – but now you might be tempted to. The new Steam library beta’s introduced bigger, portrait-style icons for games in ‘shelves,’ and now users have figured out that customisation supports animated .png files – and the results are gorgeous.

As spotted by PCGamer, people have begun posting the dynamic cover art icons to places like the Steam Grid Subreddit and Resetera, and while it seems like creations are only in the early stages – with options for games a little limited for now – there are some really great options to choose from already. I was able to find ones for Skyrim, Life is Strange (plus Before the Storm), No Man’s Sky, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Old School RuneScape, The Witcher 3, and more – a couple of which you can check out below.

Stack them together in your new library and you end up with a lively deck of artwork that makes every one of your titles look just that bit more exciting and enticing. If you’ve not opted into the new library beta yet, it might be worth considering it, even if just to try these animated icons out.

If you want an easy way to find games that have already got animated covers, trying using this link to search of the Steam Grid Subreddit – it finds ones that have been labelled as animated.

[C] Life is Strange: Before the Storm animated from r/steamgrid

Check out some of the options already out there, waiting to adorn your library, above and below.

[C] OldSchool RuneScape APNG from r/steamgrid

There are also plenty of non-animated options available on the Subreddit too, in case you’re keen to keep some of your icons static, but still customised. If you’re keen to modify your games’ tiles in Steam, simply right-click on one, choose ‘manage’ then ‘set custom artwork’ – and ta-dah. Your library’s looking awesome.

Given that the functionality was only just discovered, hopefully the selection of tiles will continue to grow, and quickly – so keep an eye out for icons for your favourite titles which could pop up soon.