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Steam sale presenting a plethora of puzzle games premieres in April

Valve announces a new Steam sale to highlight some of the top puzzle games on the PC gaming platform, with plenty of discounts on head-scratchers in April.

Steam Puzzle Fest - ATLAS, a round robot with a single blue eye, one of Portal 2's co-op pairing of bots

Valve announces a new Steam sale is on the way for all you puzzle-lovers out there. If you’re a fan of real head-scratchers, room escapes, mysteries, and more of the best puzzle games on PC in 2023, you’re in luck. It might be a little way off still, but in just a couple of months the PC gaming platform is holding a dedicated showcase for some top puzzlers with discounts galore.

“Join us as we break the code, find the missing piece, and align the elements during Steam Puzzle Fest,” Valve says in a post from its Steamworks team. The event will feature discounts and demos on current and upcoming games, much as you can expect from the upcoming February Steam Next Fest, but the focus here will of course be on “games focused on the spirit of solving puzzles.”

The Steam Puzzle Fest is live April 24 – May 1, beginning and ending at 10am PDT / 1am EDT / 6pm BST / 7pm CEST (the puzzleheads among you will already have noted that the clocks in most regions will have gone forward by one hour by then, which is factored into these timings). Valve invites developers who think their games might be eligible to contact them if they haven’t yet received an invitation.

Not all the games in Steam Puzzle Fest will be on sale, though Valve says “the event page will most prominently feature discounted games.” As for what to expect, we’d hope to see the likes of Return to Monkey Island – 2022’s latest outing for Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate – along with boat-based murder mystery Return of the Obra Dinn, intricately designed grid puzzler The Witness, and of course Valve’s own Portal 2.

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