SteamVR Tracking no longer requires $3,000 training course to use

SteamVR Tracking free

Valve are, for good or ill, are pushing VR in a big way. SteamVR Tracking is their way of making room-scale work, and it’s available for free. However, it used to require an expensive and lengthy training course to get access. Today they’ve announced they’re removing that, making it accessible to a much larger number of devs.

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Valve say that this comes “after working with numerous third parties and updating the tools.” There’s still documentation and “course work” that can be undertaken to learn how to use it, but it’s all free of charge, and available in English and Chinese. If folks prefer to nip to Valve and do the in-person course, it’s also still available.

They also say that 500 companies already signed up to use SteamVR Tracking since August. Presumably, that’s about to increase dramatically. Loads more info, plus how to get started, over on the official site. Valve will be releasing SteamVR Tracking later this year.