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10 top games to grab during the Steam Summer Sale 2024

The Steam Summer Sale is blossoming, offering big savings on many of the best PC games, so we’ve picked out some of our favorite deals.

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The Steam Summer Sale 2024 is underway, and as always there’s an astonishing amount of choice. With so many dramatic discounts on some of the best PC games, it can be tough to decide where to put your hard-earned money. To help you choose, we at PCGamesN have put our collective heads together to select ten fantastic options worth your time.

The summer Steam sale is jam-packed with savings on almost everything you set your eyes on, including astonishingly low prices on many of the best PC games of all time. While the Valve store does a decent job of helping you filter through the chaos of the entire Steam catalog, you might still feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, we’re here to help. From classics at a bargain price to overlooked essentials, here are our top Steam Summer Sale deals.

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The Witcher 3 (90% off)

Even with challengers like Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s tough to top Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red’s phenomenal adventure as one of the best RPGs ever made. As the White Wolf Geralt of Rivia, you’ll deal with everything from playful forest spirits and lavish parties to deep, dark family trauma and nightmarish beasts. With an unforgettable story that you can enjoy to its fullest without playing the previous games, and satisfying combat encouraging you to understand your enemies, The Witcher 3 is a game you owe it to yourself to try.

Frostpunk (90% off)

The Frostpunk 2 release date might have just been pushed back as developer 11bit Studios decides to implement feedback from its recent beta, but that just gives you the chance to catch up on its predecessor. A brutal strategy game in an unforgiving frozen wasteland, it’s your job to make the tough decisions required for your people to endure. With an additional scenario and endless mode included for free in post-launch updates, it’s more than worth your time, especially at this low price.

Deep Rock Galactic (67% off)

Deep Rock Galactic season five has just begun, and there’s never been a better time to let the community chorus of ‘Rock and Stone’ ring out across the caverns. Ghost Ship Games continues to deliver big, free updates to its co-op mining game – and the best part is that, thanks to a newly added feature, you can now jump back to any of the past seasons at your discretion. With all old rewards still up for grabs, there’s no fear of missing out, just a frantic, fantastic time for all involved.

Steam Summer Sale 2024 - Survival game Enshrouded.

Enshrouded (20% off)

Perhaps the pick of the best new survival games in 2024 (and there have been a lot of them), Enshrouded takes a lot of ideas from other games, combining them and polishing them into a very promising early access experience. It features an excellent building system, a range of tantalizing dungeon depths to delve, and plenty of smart quality-of-life choices that make it a pleasure to play.

Children of the Sun (20% off)

There are a lot of fantastic FPS games in the world, but every so often one comes along that surprises you with just how unique it feels. Children of the Sun is one such game. With just one bullet to your name, you take direct control of your shot as it flies, guiding it from target to target through a series of ricochets and deflections. Pulling of that clean kill is supremely satisfying, and the intentionally roughshod, psychedelic visuals will stick in the memory long after you finish playing.

Remnant 2 (50% off)

For a more traditional shooter experience, it’s hard to top Remnant 2. Fresh off the first surprise hit co-op shooter, Gunfire Games has built an even more intense, polished experience that stands in close contention for my favorite game of 2023. Already excellent when played alone thanks to its blend of impeccable gunplay and Souls-style dodge rolls, Remnant 2 comes into its own as a co-op game with a friend or two alongside you, with its dual-class system offering you a multitude of ways to build distinctive characters that suit your preferred playstyle.

Steam Summer Sale 2024 - Action game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (50% off)

If you’ve had your fill of Shadow of the Erdtree – or decided that the Elden Ring DLC is too hard for your tastes – consider returning to developer FromSoftware’s finest, and perhaps most overlooked, modern game. Eschewing the broad RPG systems of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Sekiro is an immaculately honed and precisely balanced action game. Boss fights that feel impossible at first glance turn into clean runs that make you feel like the coolest swordsman of all time, and its more up-front story has me aching for a sequel.

Dead Cells (50% off)

The Dead Cells animated show has arrived and, with it, attention is very much back on one of the best roguelike games on PC. More than earning its 97% positive user score, it incorporates elements of souls combat and metroidvania design in a stunning pixel graphics package. Developers Motion Twin and Evil Empire started with something special and continued to polish, rebalance, and improve it over time. Whether you stick to the base version or buy the full package complete with every DLC including the Castlevania crossover, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more complete and compelling combat-driven roguelike.

Demonologist (50% off)

If you and your friends love a good co-op horror game, Demonologist is among the pick of the pack. It sticks closely in concept to the Phasmophobia formula – enter a cursed location, identify the malicious spirit lurking within, and determine the appropriate course of action to deal with it. Yet it does so better than most of its rivals, with a creepy atmosphere and the ability to actually talk with the ghosts making for some delightfully memorable moments.

Steam Summer Sale 2024 - Medieval grand strategy game Crusader Kings 3.

Crusader Kings 3 (60% off)

Perhaps one of the most emphatically PC games around, medieval grand strategy game Crusader Kings 3 is both one of the best introductions to the genre and arguably its finest champion. Secure your house’s legacy through politics, scheming, bloodshed, or questionable inter-familial relationships – whatever you need or want to do to come out on top, CK3 lets you try it. With a starter edition allowing you to also pick up a selection of the best Crusader Kings 3 DLC at the same time, now is a perfect time to pick up Paradox Interactive’s finest.

And that’s all for this round of sales. There’s no shortage of great options out there, but hopefully this gives you some good ideas. Alternatively, take a look through the best free Steam games for all manner of options you won’t even have to pay for. Then, look forward to the best upcoming PC games in 2024 and beyond with us.

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