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Celebrate Steam’s finest strategy games as TactiCon 2023 begins

Steam sale TactiCon 2023 runs May 11-15 and offers showcases and deals on over 100 strategy games alongside new reveals and announcements for upcoming games.

Tacticon 2023 begins - Art for the Steam strategy game celebration, featuring a queen playing cards on a war table with a WW1 soldier and a bearded cyberpunk character

TactiCon 2023 has begun. This warm-hearted celebration of the best strategy games features over 100 recent games, spreading from long-established names in the genre all the way to solo indie newcomers. TactiCon functions as both a Steam sale offering some great deals on all manner of tactical delights, and a loving ode to the breadth of the genre with a series of developer panels, community streams, and announcements.

Much more than a simple sale, this second edition of TactiCon comes from strategy-focused indie game publishers Hooded Horse and Firesquid Games. Following in the footsteps of its successful first outing, TactiCon 2022, this year’s strategy festival has over 100 games in its lineup that span across just about every aspect you can think of.

Games featured are either those launched (in Steam Early Access or into full release) during or after May 2022, along with older games that have had major updates or DLC in the past year, and some upcoming games with playable demos. There will also be some brand-new announcements from some iconic names in the world of strategy games. We’ve already been promised some exciting news – we won’t say exactly what, but tune in to the showcase to find out!

Whatever flavour of strategic spice you prefer, TactiCon 2023 promises to fill your belly. Among the many featured names are squad-based shooter Aliens Dark Descent, medieval management sim Manor Lords, hellish grand strategy spectacular Solium Infernum, sci-fi roguelite Endless Dungeon, dark fantasy city-builder Against the Storm, exploratory star-crossing adventure Terra Invicta, and even ‘reverse colony sim’ Heart of the Machine.

I’ve got my eyes on Breachway – a deck-building space strategy game that looks to be a blend of FTL and Slay the Spire, two of my all-time favourites. A demo has gone live alongside the beginning of TactiCon, so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it and trying it for myself.

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TactiCon 2023 Steam sale dates

TactiCon 2023 runs May 11-15 on Steam. You can head over to the event page to check it out. The full conference schedule can be seen on the TactiCon website, and includes discussions from game design and music theory to advice for potential developers. Personally, I’m very intrigued by the ‘No more war’ presentation – a discussion about the role of pacifism in strategy games, a genre that is typically fairly dominated by conflict.

So whether you’re a fan of the best 4X games and their long-form expansion and exploration, the sheer scope and spectacle of the best grand strategy games, or the quick-thinking demands of the best RTS games, you’re sure to find something you’ll love at TactiCon 2023 – and you might grab some great discounts along the way, too.