33m of us play via Steam every single day, say Valve – and that number’s still growing


Steam has pulled in 27 million new users since January 2016, reaching 67 million active monthly players.

Talking at Casual Connect USA earlier this week (via GeekWire), Valve’s development and marketing executive, Tom Giardino, confirmed the 27 million new users were “first-time purchasers” who had registered an account and downloaded a “premium” or free game for the first time. 

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That works out at 1.5 million new users every month for the last 18 months, with 33 million daily active players. With an average concurrent user count of around 14 million, that almost doubles the 8.4 million users Valve reported in 2015.

A user boom in Asia seems to be the key contributor, with 17% of Steam’s global sales now made in China, Korea, and Japan. Europe and North America account for 60% of sales.

For more, including slides from Giardino’s presentation, head on over to GeekWire.

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