Steam’s having a stealth game sale – it’s party time for the conflict-averse

Steam Stealth Sale

There are those who like to hold a gun in their hand and squeeze the trigger, and there are those who like to shuffle about with that gun in their hand, legs bowed in a perpetual crouch, drawn towards a ventillation shaft like a moth to a flame. It’s for these fastidious individuals that Steam’s current sale exists.

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The Stealth Sale runs until October 16th, 10AM PDT and tiptoes behind a host of titles unseen, slashing their pricetags for your pleasure.

Among the roster of 66 titles going cheaper than usual are a few standout offers: Deus Ex for $1.39/£0.99, Monaco for $2.54/$1.86, Volume for $13.99/£10.04, Gunpoint for $2.49/£1.50 and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for $10.19/£5.43. The entire Thief franchise is going cheap, too.

There are a few games on here that I think stretch the definition of stealth into the realm of madness – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Crysis, Far Cry 4 et al – but we’re talking about games going for less money than usual here so I’m not gonna make a big thing about it. If nothing else, these games’ inclusion make for a good game of ‘Is It Stealth Though?’ – a conversation piece if nothing else. Skyrim? A stealth game? In my day…

Happy shopping, cloak-and-dagger types.

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