"I would call Oculus the first SteamVR licensee," says Valve employee on Rift's Vive-based tech | PCGamesN

"I would call Oculus the first SteamVR licensee," says Valve employee on Rift's Vive-based tech

HTC Vive

According to a Valve developer, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are both based on the same Valve-developed technology. In fact, other than a couple of small differences, the Rift is apparently almost exactly the same as an early Valve prototype. 

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In a Reddit thread, Valve employee Alan Yates responded to a comment that suggested the existence of the Rift drove innovation in the HTC Vive. Yates disagrees, because according to him the two headsets share the same architecture, developed by Valve.

"Every core feature of both the Rift and Vive HMDs are directly derived from Valve's research program," Yates said. "Oculus has their own CV-based tracking implementation and frensel lens design but the [consumer version one] is otherwise a direct copy of the architecture of the 1080p Steam Sight prototype Valve lent Oculus when we installed a copy of the "Valve Room" at their headquarters.

"I would call Oculus the first SteamVR licensee, but history will likely record a somewhat different term for it."

It's no secret Oculus have hired ex-Valve staff members in the past, including Michael Abrash, an outspoken advocate for VR. Here he is blogging for Valve on the subject. And here he is blogging for Oculus

According to Yates in an older Reddit comment, Oculus tried to secure many of the creators of the Valve Room, but they were mostly unsuccessful. 

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Recluse Avatar
1 Year ago

Having to confirm my steam account AT ALL is getting sooo tiresome.

I wonder how many people don't bother saying anything at all because you need them to verify to post... Oh right but the system is so great because we can review games for you. Come on guys ditch this crap and let us talk easily, your putting up a huge roadblock.

I get you love the idea of the steam review system but the greater masses don't care.

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1 Year ago

I believe the system is designed to store your sign-in to your pc's (and the servers) cache, meaning that in future you are already signed in. On rare occasions (less than once a month) I've found I need to sign in again, but other than that there's been no problems with it for me.

I don't believe setting your account up from steam is (or ever was) a requirement either. I set mine up from Steam back before they even pulled data from it, such as play-time of articles game. Only took my profile picture.

Realo Foxtrot: Kitten Avatar

I'm with Recluse. I often don't comment at all because every time i reboot, it signs me out. The thing is, If you linked your accounts, then you can't use your old sign in. Is quite annoying

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

I can't imagine that they would be successful. As I've heard, Valve is pretty much one of the best places you could possibly ever hope to work. And only layabout, lazies have ever contested that, simply because they weren't contributing anything. It's a very creatively driven place, and you need to have your own passions, but if you have that then you've got one of the cushiest jobs you could hope for.

And everything I've read about working for Valve in interviews and on Glassdoor has pretty much suggested that. So I don't really think that such a small startup -- especially one with such an already questionable business history -- could really hope to steal people who're succeeding at Valve away from it.

Honestly, I've always been a bit iffy about Oculus, but since the Facebook buyout my opinion of them has just fallen through the floor. Thankfully I never backed them in any way, since I was always a little suspicious.

That worked out well for me. I'd honestly rather have a Vive or something else. I may go for some smaller company's version of a PC headset once the market for it has been established. Seems like it might be a smart thing to do.

Realo Foxtrot: Kitten Avatar

I've heard mixes stories about working at Valve. some are good, but others.. eeh..