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SteelSeries launch sub-$40 Rival 100 gaming mouse, claim "we sacrificed nothing"

SteelSeries Rival gaming mouse

Here's an interesting gaming mouse from SteelSeries. Retailing for $39.99/£29.99, the Rival 100 falls very much in the budget bracket, but its manufacturers claim not to have made any compromises in its design or construction. More than that - they claim it actually outperforms many competitive mice.

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Specifically, SteelSeries claim the Rival 100 optical gaming mouse offers 40 per cent higher tracking accuracy than the best competitive mice on the market, and and movement-tracking speeds up to 33 per cent faster. These are bold claims for a mouse with such an unassuming price tag. 

It's designed with a simple six-button layout, and is totally ambidextrous. There's also customisable RGB lighting, for those who insist on lighting up their gaming areas like department store Christmas display. Both the logo and the mousewheel backlighting can be customised as such.

Here's the spec list:

- PixArt 3059-SS optical gaming sensor with 8 CPI steps up to 4000, 143 IPS, and 20g acceleration.

- Can provide 1:1 optical tracking experience, offers optimal low lift off distance.

- On-board zero hardware acceleration

- Six buttons rated for 30 million clicks

- Prism RGB illumination

- Ambidextrous design with soft-touch surfaces and sculpted, textured side grips

- GameSense customisation of lighting, button mapping, sensor CPI, plus storage and retrieval of these settings

The Rival 100 is available now, as it happens, and you can buy one directly from SteelSeries via their site

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Shriven avatarPrime avatarhuldu avatarFlappers avatarEsivo avatarAndyMeFul avatar
Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

Not enough buttons for me!

AndyMeFul Avatar
2 Years ago

How many digits do you have ? ; )

Flappers Avatar
2 Years ago

I'm using the original Rival and absolutely love it.

Unfortunately though I have a cat... and the cat hair has somehow managed to lodge itself into the scrolling mechanism, causing a few scrolling issues... but it would be the same for any mouse - but this one I just don't want to take apart.

Nice to see an article on this mouse, it's great, and people should consider upgrading to it if they are looking for a new mouse.

From a point of view of an ex-amateur-pro FPS player (too old now :-( ), the response of this mouse is fantastic, and with the software options available for acceleration, deceleration, and all that stuff, it's really great.

Prime Avatar
2 Years ago

I agree with Shriven. I can't bring myself to replace my current mouse (G502) with one which doesn't have lots of buttons even if it does perform better. Maybe if they stuck two more buttons where your pinky goes or maybe your thumb I'd look into getting it.

huldu Avatar
2 Years ago

I'm still using a normal mouse and only using 2 buttons, the middle button is just too wonky on this mouse. I've played pretty much all the major mmos with it just fine. Honestly tho, the only thing I can do is shift- modifiers, I have no idea how people do ctrl- ones. I'd love to have shift/ctrl modifiers bound to the mouse but they're just too expensive and apparently the quality isn't too good(at least on the razer mouses). I use the mouse maybe 6-12 hours a day to the degree where the paint job often wears out within a couple of months of use.

Esivo Avatar
2 Years ago

I had the first version of the Rival. Decent mouse but the rubber on the right got ruined real fast. It lasted less than a month, maybe 2. It was a huge disappointment.