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Steep’s Season Pass gives you access to a winter sled, which is fitting


This might be the first ever Season Pass to live up to its name, giving you a pass to the coldest season of the year and letting you tear up the mountains in a winter sled. As if skis, boards, wingsuits and parachutes weren’t enough, eh? Base jumping, speed gliding and night races are also being added after release.

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You can either buy the Season Pass, or pickup Steep’s Gold Edition, to get access to three DLC drops over the months after launch. Here’s what you get:

  • Winter Fest Pack introduces the winter sled and puts players’ skills to the test with its new array of challenges. It will also offers fun new exclusive costumes.
  • Extreme Pack adds three new exhilarating sports: rocket wings, base jumping and speed gliding. New exclusive costumes will also be part of the Extreme Pack.
  • Adrenaline Pack includes the Moonlight Pack, featuring 3 unique night-time challenges and equipment packs for players to show off their style while shining in the dark, along with new costumes, new outfits, new boards and wingsuits.

Season Pass holders will also have access to exclusive costumes, helicopter tickets to reach uncharted destinations quickly, and 10,000 Steep Credits at launch on December 2. All the packs above will also be sold separately.

If you want to try Steep, there’s a beta this month. Our Jordan played it and tells peoplenot to expect SSX.