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Stellar Blade PC port held up by a “contractual relationship”

The Stellar Blade PC version feels closer than ever, as developer Shift Up says it's "looking at" bringing the PS5 game to other platforms.

Stellar Blade update PC: a young brown haired woman

Stellar Blade is one of the biggest new IP success stories of this year. Currently a PS5 exclusive, the single-player action game is one that PC players have been wanting to get their hands on for some time, and now we finally have an update.

Despite no concrete news on a PC version of Stellar Blade coming just yet, we’ve got a hint that this is something Shift Up is heavily considering. During the company’s IPO press conference from Tuesday June 25, CFO Jaewoo Ahn discusses what the developer has planned for the single-player game, including a nod towards the Stellar Blade PC port.

Shift Up is “currently looking at a PC version of Stellar Blade, which we believe would be a great way to monetize the IP once again,” Ahn states, with CEO Kim Hyung-Tae adding “We are considering a PC version of Stellar Blade, but we cannot comment on the exact timing or whether or not it will be released due to the contractual relationship,” (via GameMeca and translated by VGC).

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Stellar Blade is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment on PS5, with the action game repeatedly showing up in State of Play presentations. This statement reads like Shift Up could have plans in place for the Stellar Blade PC port, but certain stipulations of its publishing contract with Sony for the PS5 version mean nothing can be said right now.

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