Stellar Overload is the Kickstarted voxel open-universe once known as Planets³

Stellar Overload

There’s a story my dad likes to tell, which I can’t confirm the veracity of, about Hollywood renaming Henry V over concerns that viewers would think they’d missed crucial developments in Henrys I, II, III and IV. I don’t know that that’s what’s gone on with the game formerly known as Planets³, the sandbox RPG set in a universe of 25cm cubes, but I can tell you that it’s now called something else.

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“After much deliberation, we’ve chosen Stellar Overload as the new name for Planets³,” says Michel Thomazeau, project director at Cubical Drift (which could have also worked as a name for a modular galaxy, now we’re on the subject).

“Stellar Overload is the name of an in-game cosmic cataclysm which caused mass extinction throughout our solar system. When did it happen? Why? Even our elders have no answers. The only thing we know for certain is that every day’s a fight for survival since the event.”

Stellar Overload, then, is a game about rebuilding – quite literally, with total freedom to pull apart and piece together bits of the environments around you. But it won’t be easy; even visiting other planets requires you to build a spaceship first. Expect to be harvesting minerals, solving mysteries and plunging dungeons.

Sound like your sort of survival mode? 10,357 Kickstarter backers pledged $310,708 toPlanets³last year. It’s now in v0.8.3.8 alpha.