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Click your way to a new graphics card with this Stellaris browser game


Paradox have launched a browser game in preparation for spacefaring strategy Stellaris, and it has you click your way through the twinkling void to try and claim rewards. I clicked it 10,000 times. For science.

Our list of PC’s best strategy games might need an update once Stellaris launches.

Just signing up to be a member of the Paradox community – a prerequisite for playing the Stellaris browser game – will net you some free DLC. Shortly after doing so, I got an email giving me access toCrusader Kings II: South Indian Portraits, so get on that.

Project Augustus: a Stellaris Adventure, as it’s called, will dole out rewards periodically as you click your way through space, hammering the throttle and grabbing chunks of space debris as they float by.

The rewards are mostly forum icons and other things to show off in the Paradox community, but occasionally a blueprint will drift past and collecting these will increase your chances of winning a tech prize – one of which is a graphics card.

Our beardy Ben had a look at Stellaris at GDC, and he reckons it could be something special indeed. We’ll find out when it launches on May 9. Check out system requirements and more on the official Stellaris site.