Stellaris’ November update will make the AI better with money

The latest dev diary goes over changes coming to the economic script

We know that grand strategy game Stellaris is getting a new update every three months now, with the next one scheduled for November at the time of writing. While it’s already been stated that patch 3.2 will be a bit tamer than the recent 3.1 ‘Lem’ update, it will at least come with some significant updates to AI behavior.

This week’s developer diary introduced us to ‘Guido’, the username for one of Stellaris’ principle designers in charge of the strategy game’s AI. Within the wider custodian’s initiative, there’s a specific drive to push AI improvements as well. The November update follows this and will bring “significant updates” to the AI, specifically around how it handles economics.

The main thrust of these improvements will be overhauling the game’s economic script that the AI uses to make decisions. Before, it was divided into three parts depending on the phase of the game – early, middle, or late. This script wasn’t as flexible as it needed to be however, and is now being replaced with a single script that features various options plans within it, which can be turned off/on by the AI depending on whether the criteria has been met first.

The overall effect is that now AI empires are a lot smarter when it comes to managing their economies, and prioritising the basics before putting funds into the more specialised areas.

The AI has also been given a bit of support in how it deploys starbases. They’ll be able to use more varied setups, as well as make use of the various special modules you can install.

We’ll be learning more about the November update in the coming weeks, and the update after that is expected around February 2022. If you need to bring yourself up to speed, we’ve got some handy guides you might want to check out: the best Stellaris mods, Stellaris DLC, as well as some general Stellaris tips.