Stellaris is three years old, so you can play it for free this weekend

To celebrate the space-faring 4X game's birthday, Paradox has made it free to download this weekend

Stellaris Anniversary

To celebrate the game’s third anniversary, sci-fi 4X strategy game Stellaris is getting a free weekend. A press release from developer Paradox Interactive revealed that the game is currently free to download and play on Steam for a limited time.

The game’s free weekend began last night, but if you’re running a little behind on your download, never fear! If you’ve not bought in until now, you’ll still have two full days to enjoy the game, as the free weekend will come to an end on Sunday, May 10.

As is often the case with events of this ilk, if you enjoy your time with the game, this is a pretty decent time to pick it up for good. The game itself is currently on sale for 75% off, coming in at just £8.74 ($11.37), and that deal is shared with Stellaris – Galaxy Edition. If you’re really impressed, you can pick up the Stellaris Start pack, which includes the Utopia and Apocalypse DLC packs for 67% off, at £21.58 (around $30).

Of course, if you’re already on board, there’s something on offer for you too. Almost all of the game’s DLC is half-off, and even the most recent expansion, MegaCorp, can be picked up for a not-too-shabby 20% discount until Monday, May 13.

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We recently spoke to Paradox about the past, present, and future of Stellaris, delving into the developers’ early efforts to take 4X back to the stars, what could be waiting out in the void of space, and even what Stellaris 2 might look like some time down the line.