Stellaris, Cities: Skylines, and Surviving Mars are free for PDXCon weekend

Stellaris celebrates 4 million copies sold, where as Surviving Mars drops a teaser for the new content...

PDXCon Remixed 2021 is over, but the fun has only just begun. This year’s show had plenty of announcements for everyone; from new expansions for Empire of Sin, Prison Architects, and Crusader Kings III, to the fact that those heroes at Paradox are actually making Victoria 3!

There were plenty of smaller announcements too, with several games celebrating major events. Stellaris turns five this year and has sold over four million copies, while popular city-builder game Cities: Skylines is releasing new content creator packs which are available right now. Both are getting free play weekends to celebrate.

Finally, Surviving Mars’ revival plans are continuing apace. Step one involved talking to the new developers and releasing an annoyingly vague teaser image for the new content coming down the pipe. Step two involved the soundtrack coming to Vinyl? Step three is to also run a free weekend to get people excited about the space game once more. If you didn’t catch PDXCon Remixed, an archive of the show’s announcements should be available soon via Paradox’s twitch channel.

Here’s the trailer for Stellaris to mark the anniversary:

YouTube Thumbnail

The free play periods for Stellaris, Cities: Skylines, and Surviving Mars have already begun, and will run through to 7pm BST / 2pm EDT / 11am PDT on Monday, May 23.

Stay tuned for more PDXCon Remixed news and analysis over the weekend and into next week.