See diplomacy, war and tech advancement in a tour of the galaxy with the new Stellaris trailer


Paradox have released a new Stellaris trailer, giving you a peek of the galaxy and a taste of your journey through it when Stellaris finally releases on May 9.

Stellaris could end up on our list of best strategy games, or perhaps even our best space games.

The new trailer shows all the core pillars of the grand space strategy: exploration, colonisation, conquest and diplomacy.

You begin the game as an intelligent race taking its first big steps away from their home planet after the invention of faster-than-light travel, and then you must send out scientists to learn about the new frontier, gathering resources, discovering habitable worlds and more.

Eventually, you will find alien life, be they planet dwelling or huge, space-faring intelligent races, just like you. With the latter, you need to research their communications to make contact, or you could do what humanity would really do and shoot them with big guns.

It’s up to you how you handle the expansion of your galactic empire, and it looks like Stellaris has the scope to make each campaign feel distinct. Have a watch of the new trailer below:

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