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Stellaris and Hearts of Iron IV both get release dates for sooner than you might think


Paradox have just announced release dates for WWII grand strategy sequel Hearts of Iron IV, and their space-based strategy debut, Stellaris.

Which one will make it into our list of PC’s best strategy games?

Hearts of Iron IV looks to continue the grand strategy series with a WWII simulation on a scale that was never possible before, according to the developers. It’s a global war across 12 years and is simulated on an hourly basis. Rather than micromanaging, there will be a focus on creating strategies, setting up your front-lines, and keeping your eyse on the air, land and sea.

Hearts of Iron IV is due to release on D-Day, so June 6.

With Stellaris, Paradox explained how they wanted to make the most of the opportunity to explore strategy outside of their traditional history-based games. You can’t really get a feeling for exploration when you’re moving armies around Earth, but out there, in the stars, there’s possibility, and Paradox want every game of Stellaris to feel like a completely new world.

You start out small on a single planet, as a species that’s just discovered faster than light travel. Aliens you meet and encounters you have will be different every time because it’s all procedurally generated, from the planets to the tech, and even the races themselves. Paradox say that despite its scale, Stellaris is their most accessible game yet. That’s not to say it’s dumbed down, though. Campaigns start out akin to a traditional 4X, but as you increase your capabilities and reach, it soon opens up into a more traditional Paradox-flavour grand strategy.

Stellaris is set to release on May 9.