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Ancient empires wake in the new Leviathans Story Pack DLC for Stellaris

Stellaris Leviathans

The galaxy prepares for a brand new threat with the Leviathans Story Pack for Paradox’s space-faring grand strategy game Stellaris. Scheduled for an autumn 2016 release date, this DLC sees players going up against ancient empires, rising from the depths of old planets to wage old wars. It is up to the player if they enter the fray between these massive empires or if they wish to sit the fight out and watch the galaxy burn around them.

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Alongside these ‘Wars in Heaven’, this story pack will introduce Guardians which are stationary societies who have built massive defensive structures around a single point in their galaxy. Players can charge in with their fleet to seize whatever is being guarded by this civilization, but they do risk awakening an ancient evil which will most likely burn their ships to ash.

It’s not all Lovecraftian horrors and millennia old space empires though, as friendly Enclaves also make their appearance as neutral factions players can hire for the right price. A mercenary Enclave can fight for you, a trader Enclave can sell you information about a new galaxy and an artist Enclave can even craft works of art to laud the efforts of your civilization. You could commission a grand portrait to celebrate your victory in the most recent War in Heaven for example.

For more information on the new music, events, and portraits which are on their way in the Leviathans Story Pack, make sure to check out the official Stellaris site.