Win a Steam key for Stellaris: MegaCorp so you can make epic space cities!

Build your own galaxy-spanning megacorporation in Stellaris's latest DLC

Stellaris MegaCorp

Megacorporations are rarely the good guys. Vault-Tec, VersaLife, Abstergo, whichever way you cut it, they have little regard for human life and tend to destroy planets in their pursuit of wealth. But maybe that’s not in a corporation’s nature, maybe it’s just those writers trying to make big business look bad. You could change all that in the Stellaris: MegaCorps DLC. Or, well, play to form and exploit the galaxy for your own personal ends.

The latest expansion for Stellaris lets you become the CEO of a MegaCorp and spread you grip throughout space. Unlike other factions in Paradox’s 4X game, MegaCorps can build branch offices on any planet – whether it’s one you control or not. This allows you to siphon off funds and build an economic powerhouse.

Along with MegaCorp factions, the expansion adds city worlds – a new planet type that allows for even denser populations that live in megacities; caravaneer fleets – roving traders that pull into orbit to offer to sell you rare goods; and new mega structures – like the matter decompressor that lets you draw mineral resources out of a black hole.

Learn more about the MegaCorps in the trailer below.

We’ve 20 Steam keys for the new DLC to give away, find out how to enter below.

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Stellaris MegaCorp DLC

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