Stellaris’ Anniversary update lands next week – here are the 2.7 Wells patch notes

Stellaris is four years old! And there's a free update on the way to celebrate

Stellaris menu artwork, showing a fleet of ships about to enter a wormhole

Stellaris, Paradox’s 4X grand strategy game, is nearly four years old! That means it’s time for a big birthday celebration – that is, a free, meaty anniversary update that adds a hefty batch of new features, balance changes, fixes, UI and AI tweaks, and modding additions. Whew! Best of all, it arrives next week, on May 12.

In a post taking a look back at the strategy game’s first four years out in the world, the studio outlines a bunch of features it’s already implemented, and confirms there’s plenty more to come, too. “We have come a long way since the release of Stellaris,” the post reads, “and our story has just barely begun. I think we have a lot to be excited about for the future, as Stellaris has almost infinite potential.”

As for the Stellaris fourth Anniversary 2.7 Wells update patch notes, there’s an enormous amount to pick out, as you can see below. Significant additions, however, include over 70 remastered “original audio assets”, “loads of new ambient planet reveals”, new “graphical system effects”, resolutions, extra edicts, some lovely “homey habitats”, and a re-invigoration of lots of the galaxy’s fauna. Nice!

You can take a look at the Stellaris fourth Anniversary 2.7 Wells update patch notes in full below (via Paradox Interactive):

Stellaris update 2.7 Wells Free Features

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  • Federation votes show the voting method in the voting popup. Law votes also show the current law of that category.
  • The Galactic Community will occasionally send strongly worded letters to empires that are in Breach of Galactic Law, giving them an opportunity to make all adjustments necessary with a single bureaucratic stroke.
  • 70+ Original Audio Assets Remastered
  • New Ship Designer sounds with more variations.
  • Loads of new ambient planet reveals.
  • Mono to Stereo Upgrade of legacy sounds.
  • Technical fixes on several sound effects
  • Added Extended Shifts edicts which increases worker and slave output at the cost of happiness.
  • Added Industrial Subsidies edict, which increases consumer goods output of artisan jobs, at the cost of energy upkeep. It is unlocked by Global Production Strategy tech.
  • Added Forge Subsidies edict, which increases alloy output of metallurgist jobs, at the cost of energy upkeep. It is unlocked by Global Production Strategy tech.
  • Added Extended Shifts edict which increases worker output at the cost of worker happiness. It is unlocked by Workplace Motivators domination tradition.
  • Added Drone Overdrive edict for gestalt empires that is unlocked by the Drone Networks domination tradition.
  • Added Evacuation Protocols edict which is available to Doomsday origin empires.
  • Implemented Slave Trade Resolutions.
  • Which peace offer is possible must now be scripted per war goal type.
  • Added accessibility settings for Multiplayer chat.
  • Added new VFX and SFX for “Space Storms”, which can appear randomly from the mid-game onwards.
  • Added new VFXs and SFXs for Nebulas.
  • Added new VFX and SFX Crisis Systems.
  • Added new VFX and SFX for consecrated planets.
  • Added a galaxy generation option to completely disable Xeno Compatibility.
  • Added some Envoy related events.
  • Added new Hive Mind name list.
  • Added a joint operation event chain for Galactic Unions and Research Co-operatives.
  • Added a joint operation event chain for Research Co-operatives.
  • Added a joint operation event chain for Hegemony Federations.
  • Added a joint operation event chain for Trade Leagues.
  • Added event chain for joint military exercises for a militarist federation.
  • Habitats no longer require removing mining or research stations and can be built directly on top of them. Habitats built above nanite deposits now retain the nanite production. Habitats built above Zro,
  • Dark Matter, Living Metal, or Nanite deposits are now treated as research habitats.
  • Added a home system each for Tiyanki and Space Amoebas.
  • Added several events to spawn amoebas and during the game.
  • Added the Tiyanki Conservation Act resolution to the Galactic Community
  • Added the Tiyanki Pest Control resolution to the Galactic Community
  • Added a Space Amoeba Protection Act galactic resolution, letting all countries peacefully coexist with space amoebas (or face the consequences).
  • Added a new Tiyanki Hatchling type and randomized Tiyanki fleet compositions
  • New Tiyanki fleets can now spawn from their home system
  • Added a new roaming Space Cloud
  • Added a pirate fleet which may also spawn in the late game, raiding systems for basic resources.
  • Added turbulent nebula systems where ship systems are impaired
  • Remnants Origin is now unlocked by owning either Ancient Relics or Federations (does not require both)
  • Orbital Habitats now have reduced tech and construction requirements, and start with 4 districts. Two additional tiers of
  • Habitat technology have been added, which unlock planetary decisions to expand the size of your habitats. Advanced Habitats can also support basic housing buildings. The Voidborne
  • Ascension Perk has been changed to give each of your Advanced
  • Habitats 2 additional building slots, add the new Habitat technologies as research options, and permit the construction of advanced housing buildings on Advanced Habitats. Void Dwellers now begin with their capital Habitat upgraded to be an Advanced
  • Habitat, and have Habitat Expansion available as an engineering research option.
  • Mining Drones can now occasionally expand to nearby unclaimed systems.
  • Crystals can now occasionally spawn a single ship that seeks out far away asteroids to crash into and spawn new crystals.
  • Made it possible for edicts to be running perpetually until turned off.
    There is now an edict capacity, and going over it means a hit on empire sprawl.
  • Praise be! A new set of resolutions have been added to the Galactic Community that uphold the Divinity of Life. We expect the righteous empires of the Community to support this cause.
  • Favors can now be used to convince your federation allies to accept your law proposal.
  • Added Expanded Breeding Program edict, that is unlocked by the Gene Crops tech



  • Encourage Planetary Growth decision has been removed from the game
  • Food Policies removed from game, and Nutritional Plenitude has been changed into an Edict, now unlocked by the Gene Crops tech
  • Healthcare Campaign, Drone Campaign (hive) and Drone
  • Campaign (machine) have been removed from the game.
  • Inward Perfection civic effect on growth speed reduces from +20% to +10%.
  • Inward Perfection civic now also increases edict cap by +1.
  • AI Empires are more willing to conform to Galactic Law.
  • Greater than Ourselves now moves pops more regularly and more often.
  • Adopting Diplomacy traditions no longer increases pop growth from immigration, but unlocks the Diplomatic Grants edict instead.
  • Farming Subsidies edict is now unlocked by Food Processing tech instead of Eco Simulation.
  • Databank Uplinks discovery tradition now also unlocks Research Subsidies edict.
  • Adopting Discovery traditions now also unlocks Map the Stars edict.
  • Gestalt Crystal Mining, Gas Extracting, and Mote Harvesting drones are now classified as miners like their non-gestalt counterparts. (This does not alter drones working in synthetic special resource production jobs).
  • Increased the duration and research boost for rewards from joint operation “Dismembered Cloud” (Galactic Union & Research Co-operative).
  • Cut the size of rebel armies spawned when revolts take place by a third.
  • Nerfed the randiness induced by event-spawned mushroom spores so that the planet no longer turns into a pop factory.
  • Added some help for the AI to not die as badly when Doomsday happens.
  • Galactic Community Senate debate time has been reduced to 4 years.
  • The cooldown on declaring a resolution an Emergency Measure has been increased to 20 years.
  • Increased the chance of getting the Lesser Messenger arc site.
  • You no longer need to demolish mining or research stations to build Dyson Spheres or Matter Decompressors, they will automatically remove those upon completion.
  • Wenkwort Artem is no longer a viable candidate for the Ecumenopolis project if you accept custodianship of its (unpaved) paradise.
  • Hive Minds will now treat hive-minded pops that aren’t of their species as full members of the hive, meaning that they must be given full citizenship and can no longer be enslaved or purged.
  • Weak pops are now more likely to embrace pacifist ethics.
  • Marauder successor state civics now have an effect (+15% naval cap and +10% ship fire rate, respectively). Space Clouds are now individually far more powerful but no longer spawn in fleets
  • Added empire modifier effects for empire’s that propose Resolutions, depending on whether the Resolution passes or fails.
  • Killing Tiyanki now yields energy and exotic gases but upsets xenophile empires


Stellaris planet

  • Fixing CTD that happened during finishing the joint operations special project.
  • Automatically create a save when receiving a hotjoin request.
  • Fixed OOS on hotjoin due to zombie pops.
  • Significantly reduced the impact of assimilating species on the length of the yearly tick.
  • Fixed a possible OOS on hotjoin when a new resolution has been passed.
  • Fixed tooltip in planet view colonization tab not clearing between updates and just adding lines each update until it CTDs
  • Disabled threaded polling of events on linux during startup since it may cause CTD due to race conditions in X
  • Safed up some code that should prevent a CTD from happening when accidentally being able to open an extra “downgrade” popup.
  • Fixed a freeze when loading a savegame and encountering impossible government configurations.
  • Fix OOS with species when growing half-species.
  • Fixed technology status being read incorrectly, causing OOS.
  • Fixed a couple of OOS happening on hotjoin (PLANET_MODIFIERS and pretty much all modifiers)
  • Fixed an oos related to faction approval.


  • Clicking on a topbar resource selects it when opening the market view.
  • Fixed some overflowing texts in different languages.
  • Improvements to declare war vote to show enemy and potential enemies.
  • Added a scrollbar to the advisor voices tab.
  • Tweaked habitat names and renamed the old orbital station core.
  • Made the position between tabs in planet view consistent so they don’t move when changing tabs.
  • Increased the height of the portrait window in the planet view for the governor so that it does not get cut off.
  • Switched the ship size icons for Gardening Drones and various drakes for more appropriate ones.
  • Improved Ethics tooltips in factions screen.
  • Display modifiers to Naval Capacity are now grouped, so that we don’t get 200 anchorages with +4.
  • Improved AI acceptance tooltips when attempting to change a federation law.
  • More appropriate event pics used for Feral Overload.
  • Edicts have more clearly disabled checkboxes when you cannot interact with them. Also added a tooltip for clarity.


Stellaris MegaCorp

  • AI will always use the best available template when modifying a species (to avoid creating hundreds of species with just a few pops each).
  • AI takes edict cap into consideration The AI now takes the edict cap into consideration when deciding which edicts to enact. The AI will always try to be at the edict cap, prioritizing removing exceeding edicts over adding new ones.
  • Updated AI economic plans to support subplans, also made it so that if the AI finishes a plan early it can take a plan ahead of time.
  • Ensure military AI doesn’t try to merge Federation fleets with regular ones.
  • Improved AI weightings for various Gestalt resource-producing jobs to factor species traits into the weightings.
  • AI has more granularity while considering federation laws.
  • Align AI evaluation code between ask to join and invite to federation. (Hopefully fixing the issue where AI Nation continuously asks to join a Federation).
  • Fixed economic AI computation of admin cap (and subplans in general)
  • Improve AI economic plan logging
  • Military AI should issue orders to orbit in the current system when waiting for others to regroup.


Stellaris ship

  • Abandoned Terraforming Equipment is now less likely to break in hilarious ways when people mod in new planet classes.
  • Made auto open an attribute on the message type to control if a message is gonna remain an alert or show a popup on creation.
    added flag “regenerates_when_disabled” to ship design. It is set to true by default.
  • Added any/every/random/count_envoy scope
  • Added trigger has_envoy_task = { task = harm_relations/improve_relations/galactic_community/federation (optional: who = country) }
  • Added more debug information (AI weights, scopes) for event options.
  • Added localisation command GetGovernmentName.
  • Added is_leader_age trigger
  • Added any_pop_faction scope change
  • Added has_envoy_cooldown = yes/no
  • Added envoy_location_country scope change (for the country where an envoy is improving/harming relations at)
  • Added fleet trigger can_access_system = <system>
  • You can now used triggered option names (“name = { trigger = { <triggers> } text = localisation }” rather than just “name = localisation”)
  • Made the tooltip for add_deposit effect show the full information for what the deposit does when used on a colonisable planet
  • Added system-scope trigger has_system_trade_value >= 25
  • Added effect country_list_tooltip = { limit = { triggers = yes } }, which will print a list of the countries that fulfill those conditions, and similar lists for owned planets, pop factions, leaders and fleets.
  • Added has_completed_special_project / has_failed_special_project = <special project> triggers, for when you have several projects in an ongoing event chain.
  • Added complete_special_project effect
  • Added country_modifier to deposits.
  • Added on_colony_5_year_pulse on_action (fires for each planet every 5 years (counting up from colonisation date)
    unassign_leader will now work on envoys too
  • Added set_cooldown effect to lock a leader in its current position for a specified number of days
  • Allow script to set a title for event diplo windows not tied to a country (diplomatic_title)
    orbital_station scope now exists, scoping to any station in orbit of a planet
  • Added has_current_purge trigger, checking if any pop on the scoped planet is being purged
  • Added random/every/any/count_rival_country and _federation_ally scopes, also count_playable_country
  • Added sector_capital scope change (usable from sector scope)
  • Turned observation_outpost_owner into a proper scope, so exists = observation_outpost_owner will now work
  • Renamed every_pop to every_galaxy_pop so as to make clear what it does and avoid disastrous misunderstandings!
  • Improved the tooltip for various count_x triggers
  • Added trigger is_sector_capital and effect set_sector_capital
  • Added trigger has_sector_focus and effect set_sector_focus
  • Added effect set_colony_type to set the colony designation
  • Improved intermod compatibility with planet classes and districts:
  • Added district_set tag in planet classes and uses_district_set trigger to check that. Note: Mods adding habitable planet classes will need to add this tag to their planets.
  • Added num_housing trigger
  • Added planetary_resource_compare trigger to check the production/upkeep/balance of a specified resource on a planet
  • Added “=yes” and “=no” to the “has_government” trigger to expand its usefulness and detect countries without government.
  • Added triggers is_forced_friendly and is_forced_neutral to check if the country has been forced to be neutral or friendly to another via set_faction_hostility. (is_hostile already covers if they are set to hostile).
  • Added effects to start and end truces. Starting can be done with either a country or a war as target.
    every_owned_ship now works in both country and fleet scope (referring to every ship in the fleet in the latter). Also added count_owned_ship, making count_fleet_ships and count_owned_ships obsolete.
    has_modifier trigger now works in megastructure scope
    “log” in triggers now works in all scopes, not just a select few
  • AI weight for federation laws is now used to properly build a value instead of just compare to a threshold
  • The tooltip = { } effect now works in every scope
  • Made set/check/etc_variable work in many more scopes than they used to
    calc_true_if now accepts all logical parameters instead of simply assuming >=
    assign_leader can now be used to assign governors to sectors.
  • Added forced_add_civic and forced_remove_civic effects.
  • Fixed effect create_research_station so it now does what it’s meant to.
  • Erosion Explosion Exposed: Entities now have erosion_in and erosion_out values set in shaders that are tied to creation and destruction of the entity, look at the new system effects for reference.
  • Added command line arguments “-rng_seed” and “-rng_position” to force a specific seed/position when starting (or loading) a game.
  • Added slot_restriction attribute to ship component templates for preventing components to be used for a certain slot template.


  • Fixed minor problem with options being greyed out in the Golden Rule Federation Challenge.
  • Events about interdimensional trade increasing or decreasing now have a tooltip describing their effects.
  • Added a location to the Drums of War event, so that you don’t need to search for the Great Khan
  • Enclave and Marauder species now have habitat habitability preferences.
  • Random effects should display correctly in tooltip even if scope changes are hidden.
  • Fixed from scope in on_cancel in special projects
  • Unrelated ambient objects are no longer nuked when restoring a ruined Mega Shipyard.
  • Fix if more than one planet is missing at the beginning of On the Shoulders of Giants Origin.
  • Fixed issues with the formation of the Non-Aligned League where countries that were rivals of or at war with existing members would be added, leading to various bugs.
  • The Non-Aligned League is now a defensive rather than aggressor party in the War in Heaven
  • Updated the description of the Trade League benefit.
  • Fixed so Juggernauts can now be followed properly.
  • Rudimentary Robots are now spawned only when the planet finishes colonisation, solving a number of UI and gameplay issues caused by having pops on the planet during the colonisation process.
  • Fixed a case where attacking certain neutral fleets e.g. tiyanki could cause them to not turn hostile to you.
  • Tooltip for the breach icon in galactic community now includes info on which resolutions the country is in breach of, and which modifiers are being applied to it.
  • Added better information for federation votes.
  • Fixed an issue where if multiple countries started with the Scion origin with 0 preset Fallen Empires in multiplayer, one country might end up lacking a Fallen Empire overlord.
  • Fixed the bug where Envoys could become faction leaders.
  • Fixed a bug where changing planet owner (i.e. through revolts) didn’t release slaves on the market.
  • When voting in the galactic community, favors no longer apply if you are both voting for the same side. Also, you can no longer call in favors from empires voting for the same side.
  • Kicking an Empire from a Federation now triggers a truce.
  • Fixed a minor loc error in a primitive observation event.
  • Prosperous Unification will now give exactly 4 extra start pops in exactly every case.
  • Being Lithoid is now a reason to want to serve in soldier jobs
  • There is now a Void Dweller version of the Sol System that can be manually picked by the Player on the Creation screen.
  • Fixed context switch tooltip creation erroneously reporting invalid switches.
  • The results of the Psionic Federation election are now announced after 60 days rather than 10 days, giving you time to react in multiplayer.
  • You will no longer get rewarded for defeating the Prethoryn if you merely crush the vanguard but the main force is yet to arrive.
  • Slaves of xenophobic Fallen Empires will no longer start without a planetary habitability trait.
  • Fallen Empire fleets now have admirals.
  • Galactic Focuses relating to the War in Heaven will now all only last for as long as the War in Heaven lasts
  • Fixed various irregularities that could happen if you started the Zroni precursor chain later in the game: The arc sites are now spawned closer, in systems that you are more likely to be able to access, and definitely not next to a fallen empire.
  • In the Time Loop event, the research station is now removed when the planet loses its deposit.
  • The Memorex now appears on your capital, not your home world (which might have been destroyed in the meantime…)
    Sentinels events now check if you have resources before giving you the option to spend them.
  • Fixed a bug where playing Shoulders of Giants in multiplayer with multiple people picking the origin would lead to you getting the arc sites multiple times.
  • The event “Eat or be Eaten” now establishes communication with an empire with all the normal messages and content being triggered.
  • The slaves of the xenophobe Fallen Empire can no longer be robots with biological traits.
  • Factions now need at least 5 pops to have their ethos before they can be spawned.
  • Imperialist faction loyalty boost “Leviathan Slayer” will no longer disappear if all leviathans are dead, i.e. people won’t suddenly have collective amnesia about the terrible horrors they have just freed the galaxy from.
  • Variants of a country’s founder species should now be allowed to have different rights.
    The title of various diplomatic events is no longer “?”
  • Fixed an error with the Gateway Construction tech weight that made it almost always appear as soon as its prerequisites were met.
  • The “Relic Activation Alert” is no longer shown when you can’t afford to activate a relic.
  • Ships start in orbit around the starbase (for real, this time).
  • The Galactic Focus to resolve the War in Heaven is now resolved if one of the combatants defeats the other.
    envoy_events.16 will no longer improve relations with unlikely suspects such as the Caravansary Coalition.
  • Fixed the bug when the policy in breach alert hasn’t been updated in UI properly.
  • The “Claim” CB for Conquest wars now mention that you have x claims on the enemy and their allies, to reduce the confusion in the case where you have claimed one of the defenders, but none the one you are actually attempting to declare the war on. (You must declare the Conquest war on a target which you have claims on.)
  • Fixed so that the Space Storm negative modifier went away once the event was over.
  • You can no longer select Void Dweller Sol without the Voidborn origin.
  • Changed default auto open on diplo messages to be minimized for player ones and popup for others (3rd party messages).
  • Don’t show “lasts until” for Edicts that have no end date.
  • Use correct tooltip for edict checkbox when active
  • Divinity of Life resolutions no longer incorrectly trigger breach events from the Rules of War line.
  • The Dessanu systems are now set to correctly collect resources from space. Also, their planets’ population is up to 30 from 8 (presumably 8 was the pre-Megacorp figure) and now have buildings on them.
  • It is now possible to remove the last shipyard from star bases.
  • Brought the way pops ethics chances are displayed and the way they are calculated when chosen in sync.
  • Ensure modifiers were properly calculated before calculating Ethics attraction when creating original pops in empires.
  • Planet modifier Safety Checked Alien Factory now adds 15% to local building costs rather than +25% to local edicts cost (local edicts no longer exist).
  • Proposing a resolution now requires you to confirm the selection in a pop up.
  • The planet modifier “Shroud Deviance” now has a proper modifier icon rather than a placeholder.
  • The Enigmatic Fortress will no longer spawn on choke points.
  • Fix Empire without a name and civics created due to revolt.
  • Fixed Prikki Ti, Nomads, Machine Uprisings and Awoken Robots sometimes not establishing communications.
  • Space storms and other modifiers on systems are listed as environmental effects when inside the system.
  • Fixed an error in which the Bemat Thalassocracy species adjective was not properly assigned during setup, and so would not appear in some options texts.
  • The enigmatic fortress doesn’t regen once it’s been disabled anymore
  • Adding some invasion weight to non edible pops for swarm AI so it just do not ignore planets with just robots.
  • Fixed missing localisation for class-T Brown Dwarf stars.
  • Fixed numerous incorrect script tags, where names would fail to show in pirate.155 (communicae from the Bemat Thalassocracy).
  • Also fixed the event location.
    The menu ambient sound cuts at the right time (on the loading screen).
  • The pool of candidates for oligarchic elections is selected correctly.