Stoic wants to record your sagas in a Banner Saga tapestry

The Banner Saga competition

For all of its intriguing characters and compelling tactical combat, it was The Banner Saga’s stunning art-style that impressed me the most when I braved the frozen wastes with countless desperate refugees in tow earlier this month for my Banner Saga review. Now Stoic wants to get fans involved, creating runic designs based on their own experiences in the game. 

The best designs will be added to a 12 foot banner, creating a “community saga”. Designs must be submitted by 11:59pm PT on Thursday March 13th, and winners will also receive a scaled down replica of the banner. 

For a spot of inspiration you should check out the Godstones, dotted around the world of The Banner Saga. The concept of recording deeds in a tapestry exists in the game as well, with Rook’s daughter Alette weaving the tale of her family in their community’s banner before the Dredge strike.

Here are the guidelines if you want to take a crack at it:

  • Your art needs to be an original Viking themed design
  • No smaller than 360dpi
  • Minimum size of 18” x 18” square or 18” x 36” rectangle (either portrait or landscape)
  • Art needs to be submitted as a jpeg by March 13, 2014 at 11:59PT

Have at it!