Strap in: the 2014 Steam Holiday Sale has officially launched; here’s all the best offers

Steam holiday sale 2014

Hold onto your wallets – the Steam Holiday Sale is upon us! It’ll be a hard journey; your temptations will be tested from today, all the way until January 2nd. If of course you’re in the market for some pc games for ludicrous prices, then you may as well embrace it.

Day six is here in time for some last minute Christmas shopping. 

It’s hard to tell what the consensus is for BioShock: Infinite these days, but it was certainly popular when it launched last year. Well, I still think it’s brilliant, and Columbia – while a bit more restrictive than Rapture – is one of my favourite game spaces. The floating city hosts some properly inventive shooting arenas. It’s been on sale a lot, but if for some reason you still don’t have it, £4.99 ain’t bad.

Here’s the rest of the deals:

Age of Wonders III: £10.19/$13.59

Payday 2: £5.74/$7.49

Game of Thrones: £17.24/$22.49

Goat Simulator: £3.49/$4.99

Scribblenauts Unlimited: £3.74/$4.99

Garry’s Mod: £1.49/$2.49

Just Cause 2: £1.99/$2.99

BioShock Infinite: £4.99/$7.49

Asseto Corsa: £17.50/$24.99

What’s going to hoover up your dosh today?