Stray rewards you for meowing with ‘A Little Chatty’ achievement

As players dive into the world of Stray, it turns out you can score the 'A Little Chatty' achievement on PlayStation and Steam for simply meowing a lot

stray small orange cat sits curled up on cushions next to robot on the street playing a banjo

As cat lovers and gamers from every corner of the globe dive into the purr-fect world of Stray, some have uncovered an achievement (aptly entitled ‘A Little Chatty’) that you can earn by simply meowing a lot – and it’s the best in-game reward we’ve ever seen.

It goes without saying that Stray has been one of 2022’s most hyped games. Soaring to the top of Steam’s most wishlisted games, it has become an overnight hit with both cats and humans alike.

Based around solving puzzles and exploration, you may be wondering how to get the safe code, or how long Stray is. What you may not know, though, is that you can pick up the ‘A Little Chatty’ achievement/trophy for simply meowing.

Yes, you read that right, Stray literally rewards you for meowing. Name a better game – sure, we’ll wait.

How to get A Little Chatty Stray achievement

As players investigate the nooks and crannies of Stray’s neo-dystopian universe, they can meow to distract enemies or interact with their environment, making these adorable little cat calls an integral part of the gameplay.

If you meow 100 times you’ll unlock A Little Chatty, meaning you can either just mash the meow button or, alternatively, challenge yourself to use it 100 times during your story playthrough.

Your furry protagonist doesn’t just meeoowwww, though, he can growl (as though you’ve taken his food from him) or chirp happily (like he’s seen a bird outside the window), meaning there’s a lot of sound variety to keep you on your toes (or, well, paws).

You can also pick up other achievements for taking a cat-nap for an hour in-game, nuzzling up to robots, and scratching the life out of poor, unsuspecting pieces of furniture and debris.

Still wondering whether or not you should pick up BlueTwelve’s animal adventure? Be sure to check out our official Stray review before doing so. Or, alternatively, you can just watch IRL cats reacting to Stray. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you.