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You can play Stray with cute puppy dog instead

Are you more of a dog lover than a cat person? This Stray mod should help, as it transforms the game's feline star into a cute puppy dog - complete with barks

It's a happy puppy you can play as in this Stray mod for dogs

BlueTwelve and Annapurna’s cyberpunk cat adventure game Stray has only been out a short time and it’s already one of the best games of 2022, but if you’re more of a dog person, this Stray mod turns the game’s feline star into a cute puppy dog.

Stray mods are beginning to trickle in, partially thanks to how easy the game is to add mods to – for the most part, all you have to do is drag a mod’s files into the game’s directory and it’ll work. We’ve already seen a first-person mode added, and now there’s one for the dog people.

The Stray dog mod ‘Happy Puppy’ is available at NexusMods and does exactly what you’d expect – replacing the adorable ginger cat player character with an equally adorable black and white puppy dog. You can now play through all of Stray as a dog instead, and modder Chris Rubino even remembered to replace the meows with barks instead – well, most of them. The mod’s still in development, after all.

Expect this to kick off a wave of animal replacement mods, along with different breeds of dogs, too. I’ll be back when I can play as a dragon.

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Worried that Stray is too short a game? Well, it isn’t. So there.