Stray: Release time and preload details for the new cat game

Here's a breakdown of Stray's release time on PC, Steam Deck, and PlayStation, as well as details about the highly anticipated cat game's preload

Stray orange cat running through sewers with robots following it

Despite being one of 2022’s more unique titles, cat game Stray has become quite the phenomenon – but when does it launch in your region? Here’s everything you need to know to get your paws on the highly anticipated title on PC, Steam Deck, and PlayStation.

Set amid the bustling streets of a neo-dystopian, Cyberpunk 2077-inspired city, BlueTwelve Studios’ Stray transforms players into an adorable ginger cat whose entire job is to… well, cat.

Easily overtaking The Day Before as Steam’s most wishlished game for 2022, it has spawned a following like no other. With official cat backpacks and harnesses allowing your own feline friends to transform into the game’s protagonist, the buzz surrounding the game continues to grow.

As players from across the globe champ at the bit to dive into this animal adventure, we’ve got a full rundown of what time Stray launches in your respective region, and whether or not you can preload it.

Stray: release date and time

Stray will release on July 19, but not at the same time for everyone. Below are the times for all major regions:

Region Time
US East Coast 10AM EST
US West Coast 1PM PST
Europe 7PM CEST
Australia 3AM AEST (July 20)

Can you preload stray?

While the game is available for pre-purchase on all of its available platforms, you cannot preload Stray.

This may seem a little bit disappointing, but the game only takes up 10GB of space (in reality it uses a little less), therefore we won’t be waiting for too long for it to download (thankfully!).

Excited to dive into this quirky adventure? Make sure that you have a PC that can match the Stray system requirements. If you’re looking to get to know our adorable antagonist a little better, you can learn more about the real-life stray who inspired him.