Stray overtakes God of War to become 2022’s highest-rated Steam game

Stray, the cute cat platformer, has beaten Sony Santa Monica’s God of War to become the highest-rated game released this year on Steam

Stray Steam best game

Stray, the adorable, cat-based sci-fi platformer from BlueTwelve, is now ranked as the best Steam game of 2022 based on user reviews, overtaking Sony Santa Monica’s Norse adventure God of War on tracking site Steam250.

As reported by Skill Up, just seven days after its July 19 launch, Stray has 46,244 votes from players, totalling an overall score of 8.61 – or, to put it more simply, 98% of players say they like it. That means Stray narrowly beats God of War, which since January, when it was ported over to Steam from the PS4, has picked up 53,182 user votes, for an overall rating of 8.56 – or 97% approval from players.

This particular list only accounts for games released this year. In terms of overall ratings, Stray has a long way to go until it can be called the best game on Steam – on the top 250 of all time chart, it currently ranks at number 44, a long way behind Portal 2 at number one, but still above God of War, all the way down at number 75.

Powerwash Simulator, Teardown, and Dorfromantik round out the top five best-rated games of 2022, with Neon White and Postal: Brain Damaged also appearing on the list. Elden Ring naturally makes the grade, but only at number 37, while the comparatively obscure shark survival game Raft, which only launched in June, sneaks into the top ten.

Stray’s popularity is likely to keep rising courtesy of the game’s already vibrant modding community, which has started work on a multiplayer mode, and transported the eponymous furry protagonist into 1993’s Doom.