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Street Fighter 6 is half off, if you act fast

Street Fighter 6 was the biggest fighting game release of 2023, and now, publisher Capcom has dropped it down to its lowest price on Steam.

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Street Fighter 6 took the fighting game world by storm when it originally launched just one year ago in the Summer of 2023. Since then, the beloved Capcom title has been the premier fighting game, bringing in a mixture of retro fans as well as an entirely new generation of new players looking to dive in. Now, developer and publisher Capcom has reduced SF6 to its lowest price on Steam yet.

There has been no bigger game for fighting game fans than Street Fighter 6. Each entry in the long-running 2D fighter has insane amounts of hype built up around it, and when Street Fighter 6 finally dropped, players who had grown tired of Street Fighter 5 finally had tons of new mechanics to learn, characters to master, and opponents to tackle in one vs. one battle.

Street Fighter 6 introduced refined and balanced gameplay mechanics that cater to both casual players and hardcore enthusiasts who frequent tournaments and various events. New systems like the Drive System, which adds a new layer to combat, allow players to use special moves and techniques, adding depth and variety to the combat.

SF6 also features truly impressive graphics and a vibrant, modern art style that enhances the overall visual experience from previous entries. The painterly-like explosive animations make the game really stand out.

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The game launched with a roster of 25 characters, which has since grown. In July 2023, Rashid was released as the first DLC character. Shortly after that, poison master A.K.I was released in September 2023. Then, Ed got his moment in the spotlight releasing in February 2024. And perhaps the most anticipated character of all, Akuma, was finally released in May 2024.

Future character releases have also been announced, with M. Bison, Terry, Elena, and Mai all coming sometime in 2024 and 2025, which will balloon the overall roster size even more.

Street Fighter 6 is half off on Steam sale at just $29.99 / £23.67 until Monday, June 17. For fighting game fans who have yet to take the plunge and check out SF6 for themselves, this is certainly the best opportunity to do so. Just make sure to act fast.

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