Get Street Fighter 6 at its lowest possible price

Street Fighter 6 is currently available at its lowest possible price if you order it from Fanatical, giving you the chance to get the game at 15% off.

Street Fighter 6 is currently available at its lowest price anywhere on Fanatical. With the Street Fighter 6 release date now upon us, fans are flocking to the internet to buy their copy and take Ryu, Chun-Li, Blanka, and all the other old favorites (read our Street Fighter 6 tier list so you know who to choose first) on their latest outing. While many gamers will have already paid full price from retailers, frugal shoppers will get the fighting game from Fanatical.

This is something of a trend for Fanatical, as they always seem to offer exciting new games at a discount price. In this particular instant, Street Fighter 6 is currently 15% off, which brings the price down from $59.99 (£49.99) to $50.99 (£42.49). The same reduction applies to the Deluxe and Ultimate editions, down from $84.99 (£69.98) and $104.99 (£89.98) to $72.24 (£59.48) and $89.24 (£76.48), respectively.

Is Street Fighter 6 Steam Deck compatible? Yes, it is, so whether you prefer playing at your computer desk, or curled up in your armchair, you’ll be able to do so. In our Street Fighter 6 review we said “This is the first Street Fighter game in a long time where it feels like players of all skill levels are welcome” so this could be an excellent introduction to the series if you’ve never played before.

If you want to learn more about the game before taking the plunge, read our list of the Street Fighter 6 voice actors and our Street Fighter 6 roster overview, to get an idea of who’s in it, both in terms of actors and characters.