Street Fighter 6 quiz tells you if you’re a Ryu or a Ken

A new Capcom Street Fighter 6 quiz can tell you who on the game to main, as the SF6 release date draws near and the roster beckons.

Street Fighter 6 quiz tells you if you're a Ryu or a Ken

This Street Fighter 6 quiz will tell you if you’re more of a Ryu or a Ken, a Chun-Li or a Manon, and even a Blanka or a Zangief, as the Capcom fighting game offers up a quick and easy way to see which Street Fighter 6 character you should main, and what control scheme you should use. As the Street Fighter 6 release date draws near, this is the perfect primer.

If you’ve been struggling to choose who to pick and what control scheme to use in Street Fighter 6, Capcom has a great way for you to find an answer with this quiz, as it asks all about your play style in different scenarios to see what works best for you.

“Take this quiz and find out which fighter from SF6 best suits you!” Capcom writes. “Whether you’re a fighting game rookie, a casual enjoyer, or a veteran player who already has a favorite character set in mind, try this quiz out! You might be surprised with the results!”

Street Fighter 6 quiz tells you if you're a Ryu or a Ken

Not only does the Street Fighter 6 quiz assign you someone from the roster, it also determines which control scheme best suits you from ‘Modern,’ ‘Classic,’ and ‘Dynamic.’

It’s just some ‘A or B’ options and fairly short across the two quizzes, and I ended up with Chun-Li and the classic control type. So if you’re a Street Fighter veteran looking for a new main, or a new player who can’t decide between your character and control scheme, this Street Fighter 6 quiz is for you.

Street Fighter 6 quiz tells you if you're a Ryu or a Ken

You can take the quiz in your browser and it should only take a minute or two, so dive on in.

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