Capcom continuing to battle Street Fighter 5 server issues including matchmaking and battle lounges

SFV server troubles

Street Fighter V’s launch woes are starting to ease as Capcom works round the clock to bring the servers up to par. These first days have been filled with problems, compounded by a disappointment in the release version of the game, despite Capcom’s accurate descriptions of what would and wouldn’t be available at launch. After an initial update for the worst of the problems, Capcom have issued a second targeting instability concerns and specific features.

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Here’s what makes it into the latest round of tweaks:

  • Matchmaking should now be “working as intended.” Ranked and Casual queues should get you a match without much hassle or wait time.
  • Battle Lounges will still stop working after a certain amount of time in one, however invites and other issues are now fixed. This is Capcom’s main focus for further fixes at the moment.
  • A UI bug has been identified that makes it look like match results haven’t been reported when they have. Most matches are being reported.
  • Replays are not immediately available in the search function upon matches finishing, with Capcom working on making it faster.
  • Some searching and ranking problems are being looked into by the team.

You can read the full details on the Capcom Unity blog. They’re also issuing constant updates through the SFVServertwitter account, and also ask that feedback be directed there if need be. Capcom have also committed to fixing the problem of players ragequitting for no punishment, and an official representative recently told Forbes that they’re looking into an Arcade mode and difficulty sliders for the slim story mode, so folks can train more easily against the AI.

They’re still planning to add a lot of new features come March, including the first DLC character Alex, more training modes for new players and Daily challenges. All of this is free, though the DLC characters cost in game currency or can be purchased for real dollars. Keeping that support rolling will be important to make up for the shaky start.