Guile over brawn: Street Fighter 5 gains another familiar face this month

Street Fighter 5

Of Street Fighter 5’s brightly coloured, ‘roid-addled characters, Guile is among the oldest. One of the eight original World Warriors in Street Fighter II, he had a revenge motive for killing M. Bison – but ultimately settled for biffing people about arenas instead.

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He’ll be released as a free Street Fighter 5 download before the end of April, alongside his own character story and trials.

Guile’s most intriguing feature, aside from his impossibly static mop of hair, is a crouching walk. Faultless Move allows him to retain his charge while creeping forward. Beyond that, he has a suite of sonic attacks – Sonic Blade, Solid Puncher and Sonic Hurricane – designed to pressure, push and overwhelm opponents.

Capcom are also adding an Air Force Base stage, available for 70,000FM in the Street Fighter shop. Guile was once a major in the US military, so should scrap comfortably there.

The new fighter will remain free until the game’s Zenny shop launches – while season pass holders can also nab his battle costume for nothing. Think you’ll drop a sonic boom or two?