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Street Fighter 5’s Urien release date will be revealed at TGS next week

Street Fighter V Urien release date

Update September 8, 2016: Urien’s english post has arrived, but the release date won’t be revealed for a little bit yet.

As expected, an English version of the Urien announcement appeared on Capcom’s blog, but it didn’t bring a release date.

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According to the blog, which also goes over some of Urien’s history and his abilities, we’ll have to wait for an announcement at Tokyo Game Show next week. It runs September 15-18, and we’ll also get to find out what else is coming in the September update for Capcom’s fighter.

Beyond that, it might be time for some new reveals as to what’s happening with the game next year. To say that it didn’t take the world as by-storm as was hoped would be an understatement. Capcom have said they don’t want to do Super-style patches, but that doesn’t stop them selling an all-DLC version called Super Street Fighter V, sold at the start of next year to get people excited for a new season.

Original story September 7, 2016:SFV’s next and final season one DLC character is Urien, and he’s about ready for release. His character page, trailer and ability descriptions went up in Japanese this morning, with the English versions likely to follow before the end of the day. For now, experience some thrilling combos above with voice acting you (probably) don’t understand. Itsoundsintense.

As for the character himself, there’s some suggestion on the Street Fighter subreddit that, based on the footage above, some minor nerfs have been applied to Urien versus the version that was in the game’s campaign mode back in July. This post has a collection of what’s been noticed, but also points out that judging frame data off a video, even in 60fps, isn’t 100% accurate. Still, his first version was extremely powerful, so it does seem likely he’d be brought down a touch.

The trailer also puts paid to the theory that Third Strike-style ‘thong Urien’ would be returning after his super-art is used in a form-changing affect. It looks like the datamining that discovered that version of the character is either being sold as a skin or has been discontinued.

Release date wise, it doesn’t look like it’s in any of the information that’s been shown off. Here’s the blog post with some more screenshots and ability breakdowns, and the character page with his theme attached, an orchestral remix of what he had in Third Strike. We expect an English press release from Capcom soon.