Super Duper Turbo Edition: New mod pack makes Street Fighter 5 load real fast

SF5 Balrog

Street Fighter V, by all accounts, is a brilliant fighter. Unfortunately, its long load times are a real drag for a community full of people who are into hyper fast, instant action. 

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Fortunately, a modder has now fixed them, reducing the loading times down to just a few seconds across all modes.

ToolAssisted is the modder responsible. Here’s their video showing off the mod in action, as well as a link to download it.

The loading times could previously last as long as a minute.

Incredibly, the solution was apparently rather simple. All ToolAssisted did was tweak a single value called ‘Char Select UI’, changing it from 60fps to 255fps.

As always, download mods at your own risk, but feedback so far has been really positive.