Street Fighter 5’s head-spinning CG trailer showcases full character roster in style

Street Fighter 5 CG trailer

Over the past few weeks, Capcom have been steadily ramping up the hype for Street Fighter 5 ahead of its release next week. Today, an ultra-stylish CG trailer has launched demoing its full cast of characters in a flash a fists and fluorescent foray.

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As you’ll see, perpetual baddie M. Bison appears to have rubbed more than a few folk the wrong way in this latest trailer, as the rest seemingly can’t wait to have a pop at him.

In fact, the cape donning, supernatural power wielding, hat sporting supervillain otherwise known as The Dictator has upset Charlie Nash so much that he’s literally risen from the dead. Check out the action here:

In just eight days, you too can take Mr Bison to task when Street Fighter 5 releases on February 16. In the meantime, here’s Necalli and Zangief’s character videos that released last week: