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Street Fighter 5 tutorials, shop, online rematch and first DLC character, Alex, detailed

Street Fighter 5 alex

After a rocky launch, Street Fighter V is settling into a monthly update pattern from now through to the end of the year. The first big update will arrive later in March, and Capcom have detailed everything that’s on the way. This includes the game’s first of six confirmed DLC characters in year one, with more expected further down the line. Alex, lead grappler of Street Fighter 3, joins the roster.

SFV’s regular updates will compete with this long list of upcoming PC games for our attentions.

Alex’s moves are a selection of close-range grabs mixed with decent strikes to help him get-in. His V-Skill is a warm-up animation that, once complete, makes his next attack do more damage and cause longer hit-stun for the opponent. Once he’s in V-Trigger, he has access to a new clothesline move that absorbs a single attack while charging. It sounds very similar to Street Fighter 4’s focus-attack system, including guard-break once fully charged. His super is a single strike into a grab that does good damage. He’ll go live with the rest of the patch, and those who have played through the various story modes (dull as they are) in SFV will have “more than enough” of the in-game currency Fight Money to purchase him.

As for the rest of the update, here’s the highlights of what it’s bringing:

  • Three levels of general tutorials and another batch for each character.
  • Combo trials for each character that reward Fight Money.
  • The shop, which lets you buy new character outfits and Alex, will be open.
  • An online rematch option where, if both parties agree, a second and third BO3 can be played in ranked. Online salt has never been so strong.
  • Battle lounges will now allow 8 players and spectating.
  • Various bug fixes, as well as balance tweaks to remove option-selects, something that was common in SF4 but Capcom don’t want to be in SF5.

Finally, the post states that Capcom will provide an exact date as soon as they can, and that more game improvements – including the Cinematic Story Mode and, if the comments are anything to go by, hopefully Arcade too – are on the way.